Letter of Understanding and agreement concerning the use of
the Catholics Returning Home program, name and logo

Catholics Returning Home: A Ministry of Compassion and Reconciliation (CRH)
By: Sally L. Mews

PH: 715-254-0935
Email: ssmews@msn.com

Your use of the CRH materials
acknowledges your agreement to abide by the requirements in this agreement.

1) CRH is copyrighted thus Sally L. Mews owns all rights in the program and content. Additionally, CRH is recognized and approved by the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) in “A Time to Listen…A Time to Heal” which is a directory of model programs for reaching out to non-practicing Catholics. Thus, Sally L. Mews wants to maintain ownership rights and the integrity of the CRH name and program.

2) CRH is time tested and proven, thus it is to be used in it’s entirety as designed. Please do not change the content, design or name of the CRH program.

3) If you make substantial changes to CRH and create your own program, then please do not use the CRH name or logo. In this instance, if you “draw” from the CRH program, your creation must be substantially different in content, design and name so as not to be confused with CRH. In addition, you should acknowledge your source as being from CRH.

4) Please let Sally L. Mews know if you have any questions or comments concerning the use of CRH.

5) The CRH logo is the black and white picture of Jesus hugging a person. The colorized echo version on the website is the web designer's artistic flourish and it becomes distorted when copied. If you would like to use the black & white logo, contact Sally Mews for a copy: ssmews@msn.com.

Sally L. Mews, Founder/Director of Catholics Returning Home

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